Home The Home of Emotional Meditation Created and narrated by Jenny Florence Understanding                Our Emotions Baseline Principals and Emotional Equations. Our Senior Management Team. Child Logic. The Wobble of Change. The Sadness of Moving Forwards. “These ‘titles’ or ‘headings’ are part of a language I use to talk about  our emotions. This kind of language creates a basis or framework  helps to enable us to stand back and become an observer of our own  emotional experience.” “Child Logic… is effectively the viewpoint of the child within.  It is crucial that we learn to recognize any ‘inner beliefs’ and ‘inner  rules’ that have been established on the basis of child logic.” “Sometimes when we make significant changes and make emotional  shifts in our lives, this can trigger an uneasy emotional reaction… and if  we don’t understand this it can feel very disconcerting.” “This audio is about change and transition and the kinds of feelings  that frequently surface as part of the process of emotionally moving  forwards.” Library Contents CONTACT US If you have any queries regarding the website, please e-mail  Admin@a-z-of-emotionalhealth.com