Home The Home of Emotional Meditation Created and narrated by Jenny Florence Our Emotions are the Voice of Our Soul. The Audios in this section of the Library explore many different aspects of  Emotional Experience ranging from everyday issues to the more  Philosphical and Spritual dimensions of Emotional Health. Food  for Thought The Relationship between Choice and Trauma. The Power of Emotional Wisdom. Our Emotions are Our Navigational System. Actions Speak Louder than Words. The Magic of Early Bonding. “The bonding between a mother and a premature baby, who by  necessity was in an incubator, is without doubt one of the most  moving experiences that I have ever been privileged to witness.” “Our emotions connect us to the deepest parts of our inner selves…  they are our connection to our inner knowing… to our inner voice…  if our eyes are the windows of the soul… then our emotions are the  voice of our soul.” “In everything we do we communicate powerful emotionally charged  messages and powerful emotionally charged statements. As the  saying goes… Actions speak louder than words.” “We have this extraordinary navigational system and it is made up  of all of our emotions… we need every single emotion that we have  and we would be incomplete without the full range.” “I have found that working with choice can make the difference  between an emotionally challenging experience being manageable or  of it spiraling into a more acute state of trauma.” Library Contents CONTACT US If you have any queries regarding the website, please e-mail  Admin@a-z-of-emotionalhealth.com