Home The Home of Emotional Meditation Created and narrated by Jenny Florence The Audios in this section cover many different aspects of Emotional Health,  Emotional Vitality and Emotional Well-being. The Difference between Confidence and Self-Esteem. Storytelling. The Importance of Telling our Story. What Exactly is Emotional Health. Breakdown or Breakthrough. Revolution is Actually Condensed Evolution. “It is actually very possible for someone to be incredibly confident  and yet have very low self-esteem… in fact sometimes when someone  is extremely confident no one realizes how low their self-esteem  really is… it’s well hidden.” “We each have a kind of internal life story…our history… our memory…  however we also have a kind of internal life script…  and this is different to our life story.” “Sometimes the most difficult times in our lives can be like a kind of  doorway to a greater level of awareness… creating a kind of arrival  point to a greater level of consciousness.” Emotional Health  and Vitality MarketPlace Submit Submit Submit Submit Submit