Home The Home of Emotional Meditation Created and narrated by Jenny Florence Here to Help The Audios in this section cover some very specific areas of Emotional Health,  such as Adoption and Bereavement. Adoption, When History and Expectation Collide. Bereavement Part 1. Emotional Responsiveness. Bereavement Part 2. The Emotional Journey. Bereavement Part 3. The Tsunami Effect. “To really offer the right kind of support to adopting families we  will need to look more deeply and understand the emotional needs  of both the children, and of the adopting parents as well.” “Sometimes we can find ourselves in an environment where we  don’t really feel that the people around us understand or relate to  what we are going through…” “If we don’t understand the emotions that we are feeling, we can  become frightened of the way that we feel and this will add to the  intensity of our emotional experience.” “Gentle waves of Sadness can suddenly turn into the storm of the  century with the equivalent of an emotional Tsunami.” Submit Submit Submit Submit MarketPlace