Home The Home of Emotional Meditation Created and narrated by Jenny Florence Submit MarketPlace Emotional  Meditation This section of the A-Z Marketplace houses all Emotional Meditations. The Original Emotional Meditation A 15 day journey of Emotional Discovery through Meditation The Seven Principals of Divine Empathy A 7 day journey of Deepening Emotional Awareness through Meditation COMING SOON Bereavement at Christmas An Emotional Meditation to Support the Process of Grieving over Christmas 1.	Understanding our Emotions in Bereavement  during the Christmas Period AVAILABLE to Download free of charge from the Free Membership  area of the Library “The Art of Saying YES and NO” “I chose to include this particular meditation because so many  people struggle with this area of saying Yes and saying No….  Particularly saying No.” The Art of Saying YES and Saying NO Available as an individual Audio to download from the A-Z Marketplace CONTACT US If you have any queries regarding the website, please e-mail  Admin@a-z-of-emotionalhealth.com Emotional Meditation is designed to deepen Emotional Awareness  and release Emotional Tension through Meditation. Submit Submit