Home The Home of Emotional Meditation Created and narrated by Jenny Florence MarketPlace AUDIO BOOK Introduction “Many people will never consider their emotional well-being until something goes wrong” 2. What is Self-Esteem “Self-Esteem is a reflection of our true inner sense of well-being,  our deepest inner sense of self value” 3. Non-Judgemental Enquiry “Reflection is not a busy place…  like a garden, it is a space where we can plant seeds and create the  best possible conditions for those seeds to grow” “Wisdom is the connection between knowledge and experience and the  capacity to integrate and join the two together” 6. Ownership of Power “The meeting of our mind with our emotions is a powerful relationship” 7. Marking Time “Integrity is the birthplace of possibility, the place where infiniteness  dances with individuality. It is the birthplace of choice and the  birthplace of our fullest potential” 5. Our Emotions are our Navigational System AUDIO BOOK Emotional Health, The Voice of Our Soul CONTENTS